VINADIC M&E was selected as the contractor to implement the M&E segment of The Nine. project

Overcoming dozens of contractors with a rigorous bidding process, VINADIC (belonging to AMACCAO Group) and IC Build (ICB) have become the general mechanical and electrical contractor (ME) of The Nine project invested by GP.INVEST.

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On the afternoon of October 30, at the headquarters of GP.INVEST, Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company – VINADIC under AMACCAO Group and Global Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company – GP.INVEST signed Contract Contract Package: Supply and installation of electricity, light electricity and water supply and drainage systems at The Nine project.

Sharing about the contractor selection process, Mr. Ngo Van Dung – Head of M&E Management Department of GP.INVEST said, The Nine is a key project of GP.INVEST with an intelligently designed M&E system and most modern in Hanoi up to the present time. Therefore, the investor is very careful in selecting the contractor for the construction and installation of the electromechanical system (ME) of the project.

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“Through a thorough examination of documents, appraisal of the contractor’s capacity in terms of personnel and finance plus direct inspection at 2 projects VINADIC is under construction, Green Park of the investor Phuong Dong. , with a scale of 1,200 apartments and Hai Dang City project of investor HD Mon with 700 apartments, the Electromechanical Management Department found that VINADIC is a unit that is completely suitable for the project”, Mr. Dung said.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. To Van Nhat – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of AMACCAO Group shared, AMACCAO Group in general and VINADIC as a member unit of the Group always consider and cherish each opportunity for cooperation. cooperate with investors, especially reputable international and domestic investors. Right from the time of participating in the bid, the enterprise has been aware that the investor GP.INVEST considers The Nine as the brainchild and towards perfection. Therefore, with the experience of implementing many national key projects with strict nature such as Hanoi subway, Van Don airport, Noi Bai airport… AMACCAO Group believes that it will ensure the good implementation of the entire project. requirements from investors.

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“We consider GP.INVEST’s work as VINADIC’s own work, AMACCAO’s own work, ensuring that we will achieve and exceed the quality of technique, art as well as progress,” affirmed Mr. To Van Nhat.

On behalf of the direct construction contractor, Mr. Pham Trung Kien – General Director of VINADIC committed to mobilize the best human resources to complete The Nine project in accordance with the requirements set forth, laying the foundation for a solid cooperation and permanently between AMACCAO and GP.INVEST.

It is known that the M&E segment at The Nine building is implemented by VINADIC in cooperation with IC Build (ICB) to take advantage of a team of foreign experts who have worked in leading European M&E companies. On behalf of foreign partner ICB, Mr. Dasali shared, the electromechanical segment is likened to the blood vessels and nerves of the building, so the contractor is aware of having to use quality products, which must be designed, installation must be smart, perfect, error-free.

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In addition to realizing the investor’s goals, the contractor also has its own goals such as advising the investor on the solution packages, how to make the project both technical and aesthetic while applying the standards. The world’s top rated magazine in Europe, North America, China. For example, solutions for equipment, construction and design so that the project not only meets the technical requirements of the investor but also is easy to maintain, safe and user-friendly.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Chairman and General Director of GP.INVEST – Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep said: “GP.INVEST is a fastidious investor, choosing the contractor is not for the cheapest goal, but for the desire. Select the most reliable contractor. With the contractor selection results as announced, we expect VINADIC to successfully complete The Nine project, ensuring both progress and quality.”

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From the cooperation in the Contract Package: Supply and installation of electricity, light electricity and water supply and drainage systems at The Nine project, GP.INVEST and AMACCAO both want the two parties to become strategic partners, long term in the future.

Info box:

The Nine project is located in a prime location of the capital, right at the most populous intersection between Xuan Thuy, the third ring and Tran Quoc Hoan street. The project is built on a land area with a total area of ​​5,190 m2, construction floor area of ​​77,034m2, with a construction density of 49.8%, including 1 floating 30-storey building, 3 basements and interior area. area, including 6 commercial floors (1-7) and 24 apartment floors (7-30).

According to Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep – Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of GP.INVEST, the project is being built ahead of schedule. Specifically, currently The Nine has completed 3 basements, moving to construction of the floating part. It is expected that on November 10, 2020, the construction of the 6th floor will be completed. The investor expects to complete the project in November 2021.

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