VINADIC M&E commends the Sales and Procurement Department for signing a large project contract in November

With the spirit of enthusiastic work, always searching for opportunities, the Sales & Procurement Department of Vinadic M&E has excellently brought in a large contract with the key project of the Ethnic Hotel right in November.

To become the General Contractor of M&E in this project, Vinadic M&E had to overcome many big competitors. Thanks to the enthusiasm and closeness of the members of the Sales & Procurement Department, after proving their ability and experience in executing many large projects, VINADIC M&E became the chosen one.

On November 30, Vinadic M&E’s Board of Directors had a ceremony to honor and reward the entire sales & bidding department with the achievement of successfully signing the contract for the construction of the M&E system in this project.

The ethnic hotel project is a key project, especially of the Committee for Ethnic Minorities. This is the first project to take the name of an ethnic hotel across the country. In addition, the project is built on an area of ​​2960m2 with 4 basements and 24 floors, providing 4-star utility services. The project is identified as one of the key tasks, an important work of the Committee of the National People’s Committee and the first project of the Committee to socialize and mobilize capital for investment cooperation. The project is located in the middle position. center, the center of the City, and built according to 4-star standards.

vinadic me biểu dương
The representative of VINADIC M&E Board of Directors gave flowers to congratulate the representative of the Sales & Procurement Department.
kí kết khách sạn dân tộc
The honor and commendation ceremony was held at the head office of VINADIC M&E.