Construction of water supply and drainage system

The water supply and drainage system ensures continuous and stable water supply from the city’s water supply to all points that need water in the project. From the points of use of water, the drainage system will collect and concentrate all wastewater in the building for treatment to ensure the requirements of the field before discharging to the outside. Pumps and equipment on the system ensure stable and safe operation of the system, ensuring comfortable conditions for the project. The ventilation and odor prevention system combined with the drainage system helps the system operate stably and create a comfortable environment inside the building.

VINADIC M&E with a team of engineers and experts with many years of experience ensures the highest quality construction. Offering optimal solutions to help investors save costs, increase the value of use for the project.

The water supply system includes:

  • Pumping system for water supply;
  • Drain pump system;
  • Water filtration system for the project: Pre-filter, RO water filter…;
  • Piping systems and equipment on pipelines;
  • Ventilation system, prevent odor;
  • Technological systems for swimming pools;
  • Waste water treatment system.