Construction of fire protection system

According to Vietnam’s legal regulations, all works must have fire prevention and fighting systems installed in accordance with current standards and regulations, ensuring that they are eligible for acceptance test and put into use use. Fire protection system ensures early warning for evacuation and escape, timely extinguishes the fire, protects human life and property for the investor..

VINADIC M&E is a unit with sufficient capacity and experience to construct fire protection systems according to standards and ensure acceptance with competent authorities to put the works into use. As a unit with a lot of experience in advising investors on appropriate, optimal and cost-effective solutions in the design, appraisal, approval, construction and acceptance stages.

Construction fire protection system includes:

1. Fire alarm system:

  • Conventional fire alarm system;
  • Addressable fire alarm system;
  • Combined fire alarm system.

2. Fire fighting system:

  • Wall fire fighting system;
  • Automatic fire fighting system;
  • Water barrier fire extinguishing system;
  • Nitrogen, CO2, FM200 fire fighting system…;
  • Foam fire extinguishing system;
  • Equipped with portable fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing commands…