Construction of Extra Low Voltage system

Extra Low Voltage systems is a collection of interrelated technological systems for the management and utility of users. According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, a light electrical system in English is ELV (Extra Low Voltage System) which is defined as any system operating at a voltage not exceeding 35V AC or not exceeding 60V DC.

The nature of the Extra Low Voltage systems is to include high-tech systems, so the system is always improved and upgraded for the purpose of use and convenience for users.

Our design and construction services for Extra Low Voltage systems include the following services:

  • Building monitoring, automation & control system BMS;
  • Network system (LAN, Internet, GPON, AON,…);
  • Internal PBX system;
  • TV service system;
  • CCTV security monitoring system;
  • PA announcement sound system;
  • Parking management system;
  • AV audio and visual systems;
  • Security control system (Access control, Duress Alarm, …).