The Nine project completed the fire prevention and fighting test (1st time)

On January 12, the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department (Firefighting & Rescue) – Ministry of Public Security inspected the actual construction and installation of The Nine Project’s fire protection system. This is an extremely important acceptance test, in order to ensure that The Nine Project will be put into use by the end of February 2022.

The acceptance test of the works is being inspected by the Inspection Department – the Ministry of Construction according to the specific plan as follows:

January 17: Acceptance of M&E . electromechanical system
January 18-19: Acceptance of construction and finishing structures.

Vinadic M&E – A member of AMACCAO Group is not only the M&E General Contractor but also the unit that carries out the construction of a part of the fire protection system at The Nine Tower project.

Currently, The Nine project is handing over the apartment according to the set schedule.

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