M&E is the heart of a series of cult projects

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M&E is an abbreviation of the phrase Mechanical and Electrical, which translates to Mechanical and Electrical. The main mechanical part is ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, water supply, and drainage systems. The electrical part is the heavy and light electrical system. If the concrete, reinforced concrete construction is considered the “backbone” of the project, the M&E part also plays a very important role – it is like the “Heart” to operate the entire operation of the building. 

According to information from the investor, in a construction project, the M&E system usually accounts for about 40%, sometimes more than 50% of the construction items in each project. Besides the quality of construction and other items in a project, the quality of the M&E system is also extremely important, reflecting the value, comfort, safety of the project, and the reputation of the owner. private. Therefore, choosing a careful, competent, and professional M&E contractor is also to ensure the quality of the project.”

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Previously, in Vietnam, investors did not pay much attention to the M&E system because this is a new field. However, in the past 10 years, when the construction projects become more and more advanced, the electromechanical (M&E) item becomes more and more important and the investor also pays more attention to the problem. this.

With the population explosion and it is predicted that by 2050, the urban population of Vietnam will reach about 56 million people, the level of urbanization reaches 54%. In addition to the growing development of Vietnam, the greater the demand for construction, the greater the potential of the construction industry and M&E. In that context, many businesses have picked up the trend and gradually transformed to seize this opportunity.

Grasping that trend, the Board of Directors of AMACCAO Group – a multi-industry corporation in Vietnam has separated the M&E segment into a new unit – Vinadic Electromechanical Joint Stock Company (VINADIC M&E), a company specializing in providing services Mechanical and Electrical Services (M&E). This shows the Group’s foresight and right orientation towards the M&E segment.

Vinadic M&E has experienced more than 18 years of operation, participated in the construction of many large projects, meeting high technical standards, has affirmed its position as one of the strong units in M&E construction across the country.

Typical projects Vinadic M&E has been implementing include General contractor M&E of Dan Toc Hotel project – 6-star hotel of Investor Hop Thanh Investment and Mineral Joint Stock Company; The Nine project – American standard apartment complex in Hanoi of Investor GP Invest (Contract value: 78 billion); The Zei project – High-class apartment complex for the leading lifestyle of Investor HD Mon Holdings (Contract value: 57 billion); Green Park Project – High-class apartment complex with fresh living space of the Investor of Phuong Dong Investment Company Limited (Contract value: 215 billion); Wind power project of the Investor Khe Sanh Wind Power Joint Stock Company (Contract value: 160 billion); AVIA Wine and Pure Drinking Water Factory Project – A modern factory using the world’s leading Israeli water purification lines and technology of the Investor AVIA Joint Stock Company (Contract value: 140 billion).

In order to participate in the implementation of M&E packages for the above large projects, Vinadic M&E must meet many criteria related to financial capacity and project implementation capacity. With a team of the enthusiastic and experienced management team, a team of quality engineers, a highly skilled workforce, and the application of new BIM technology in project implementation, Vinadic M&E always satisfies investors with their requirements the strictest quality and schedule requirements.

That is also the reason why in the context of the recent stressful pandemic Covid-19, Vinadic M&E is one of the few M&E businesses that continue to receive large projects.

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Since the end of 2019, when the “Covid-19 epidemic” occurred, the domestic real estate and construction market suffered many influences. The electromechanical industry is also affected. But not because of that, every M&E business has difficulties. Pham Trung Kien, General Director of Vinadic M&E, said that it is not true to say that the Covid-19 epidemic has no effect on the electromechanical industry. However, his company has achieved its annual growth target, and in fact, the 2021 target is certainly achieved.

Vinadic M&E is a member company of AMACCAO Group, so it has the advantage of being in the Group’s ecosystem. Currently, AMACCAO has many quality products that are among the top products supplied to the electromechanical field, such as plastic pipes and accessories for EUROPIPE water supply and drainage industry, VONTA electrical equipment, etc., which have been trusted and chosen by many customers. The assurance of AMACCAO’s ecosystem products makes the M&E segment of Vinadic M&E member company good quality, always proactive in progress.

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In addition, according to Mr. Kien, Vinadic M&E’s human resources are very good. “We have a team of experienced and enthusiastic managers and engineers. A strong technical department, as well as a good BIM department, is an advantage,” he said.

BIM is an application model that has almost become a mandatory trend for construction units in general and M&E, in particular, to apply for project implementation. BIM application will be a tool to help M&E companies better manage the quality, progress, and cost of the project. Vinadic M&E is also one of the first M&E enterprises in the market to apply BIM.

Mr. Kien proudly introduced the company’s team of experienced and qualified engineers and project managers and expressed that it is no coincidence that Vinadic M&E has become a partner of major and key projects in the following years. last year. “Our engineers are carefully recruited and trained from famous schools that are the “cradles” of the electromechanical industry such as Polytechnic University, University of Civil Engineering…,” said Mr. Kien. Besides, the company also has partners in Japan, Korea, Canada. Focusing on the quality of human resources is one of the cross-cutting orientations set by Vinadic M&E.

“Because actually doing construction is people and the system. If people are good, they can do well and vice versa,” said Mr. Kien.

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Sharing about Vinadic M&E’s vision and orientation, Mr. Kien expressed that the company aims to be in the top 3 leading M&E enterprises in Vietnam. As a long-term goal, but according to him, it is completely achievable with favorable factors, including Vinadic M&E being in the ecosystem of the AMACCAO group. Vinadic M&E determined to choose the high-end and mid-end segments for development. The short-term goal of the enterprise is to do each project well, with good quality, progress, cost, and efficiency. Since then, the reputation of the business has been increasingly enhanced and the approach to the top 3 in the electromechanical industry is getting closer. This has been proven in specific projects that Vinadic M&E has implemented.

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“With the construction field, it sometimes only takes 3-5 years to bring the revenue from a few hundred billion dongs to a thousand billion dong. Therefore, we determine that if we do it well and rigorously, we will confirm each project. If customers now need reputable M&E units, they are more strict in their selection because they understand the importance of the M&E system in a project should want to work with capable units,” he said.

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The second goal is towards green buildings. With the trend of environmentally friendly buildings, more and more project investors want to meet green building criteria, and M&E businesses themselves also need to meet those needs.

Another orientation of Vinadic M&E is sustainable development. To do this, Mr. Kien said that it is extremely important to train quality human resources. “The company continuously has training courses on management and administration for senior and middle managers and engineers,” he said. An advantage is that in the ecosystem of AMACCAO Group, one member unit is Success Business Vietnam School, specializing in training in management and business. Personnel will be periodically trained to improve quality, serving the orientation and vision of sustainable development.

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Sharing the core factors that create a competitive advantage in the M&E industry, CEO Vinadic M&E emphasized that quality and human resources are the two core factors.

As a technician, the first key is to be serious about the profession. Next is the need for enthusiasm and a team of skilled professionals. Besides, there are reputable and quality suppliers. If an M&E enterprise does not have a clear direction or build a strong team in engineering and construction, it will be difficult to stand firm in the market.

The fact that Vinadic M&E has become a major partner of a series of well-known projects has proven the company’s capacity, prestige, and quality. This is also the premise for the company to become a partner providing M&E services for a series of quality projects spread across the country.

That is a competitive advantage factor that Vinadic M&E is converging enough on. If you want to develop strongly and sustainably in construction, you must have a firm orientation, and the quality of technical services must be good. The price competitiveness factor is only is temporary“, said CEO Vinadic M&E.

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