Decipher why VINADIC M&E is always the number 1 choice of investors

Continuously growing in scale, executing many large-scale projects, VINADIC M&E gradually affirms its brand as a prestigious M&E contractor through owning a strong, skilled and skilled workforce. Edition, professional.

The prestigious M&E contractor brand of VINADIC M&E – Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company (belonging to AMACCAO Group) is once again widely affirmed through the Competition of Good Construction Workers organized by the Association. Vietnamese Construction contractors presided over the event on December 8-9, 2020.

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Accordingly, the contest is organized in the form of “real exam, real practice and real acceptance” at construction sites, the contestants compete directly at construction works, products of the Association. exam will be used in practice. The products in the field are checked and accepted by the consultant, the investor of the contest organization.

In particular, the skill of the worker is not only based on his dexterity but also on the process, including manners, clothing, compliance with safety conditions, working conditions, environmental conditions, and professional qualifications. teamwork, material understanding, material handling technology process, how to use modern tools and equipment, conduct during construction, arrangement, construction management…, to optimize the efficiency of the construction process and create products with the best quality.

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Participating in the contest, VINADIC competed in 4 categories including: Electricity – Water – Construction – Trat, in which there were 2 teams competing for electricity, 2 teams for water, 1 team for construction and 1 team for plastering. With efforts to successfully complete the exam, in the end, VINADIC became one of the units that owns many prestigious awards, winning convincingly with the achievement of 3 Golden Hand titles – the highest award of Competition and 9 titles of Good Craftsman.

According to the Representative of the Jury – Mr. Tran Nhat Thanh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delta Construction Group Co., Ltd., the criteria used by the Jury to judge and mark the titles of Good Craftsman and Golden Hand in this contest are similar standards, quality and capacity of workers in Asia.

Through the contest, contractors will have a better awareness of training highly skilled workers, focusing on equipping workers with modern and advanced construction equipment to achieve labor productivity. Highest quality, best product quality.

hội thi thợ giỏi ngành xây dựng việt nam

According to Mr. Pham Minh Ha – Director of the State Department of Construction Quality Assessment (Department of Assessment – Ministry of Construction), improving the capacity of entities involved in construction activities, in which, skilled workers play an important role and affect the quality of the work. Therefore, the Department of Assessment supports and appreciates that the Association presides over the organization of the Skilled Worker Contest, thereby contributing to promoting the training and retraining to improve the skills of workers in enterprises.

It is known that M&E (electro-mechanical) is an important field of operation of VINADIC M&E, gradually dominating the Vietnamese market with its presence in many large works and projects. Recently, going through a rigorous bidding and selection process, VINADIC M&E has become the contractor for the construction of the M&E package for The Nine project – A unique mixed-use project in the center of Hanoi by GP INVEST Group. being an investor. Previously, VINADIC was also one of the contractors implementing the project to renovate and upgrade the runways and taxiways at Noi Bai international airport with a total investment of more than VND 2,031 billion.