Construction progress of M&E at The Nine project

Project Overview

  • Project name: The Nine Tower Apartment
  • Investor: GP.INVEST – Global Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company
  • Design unit: Morrison Architects, PLLC (USA)
  • Land area: 5190m2
  • Construction area: 2112m2
  • Area of ​​utility infrastructure:

1st floor: 3078m2

6th floor: 2380m2

Floor 30: 1629m2

  • 30-storey building:

– 3 basements

– 6 service floors

  • Number of apartments: 350 units (DT 75 – 162m2)
  • Start date: January 2020
  • Electromechanical construction unit: Vinadic M&E

As a reputable M&E General Contractor, Vinadic M&E is still continuing to implement The Nine Tower project to create a unique and unique project in the heart of Hanoi. Currently, the items we construct for the project include the Supply and installation of electrical systems, light electricity, and water supply and drainage systems. The project completion rate to date is 80%. It is expected that by January 20, 2022, the project will be completed for handover. In there:

  • The body part (Apartment block T7 – ​​T30), Basement part (Ventil 1-Centre 3) have been constructed and installed equipment at 85%.
  • The base block (T1-T6) has done the rough part (mechanical and electrical works, 1,2) from the 6th to the 3rd floor.
  • The 1st and 2nd floors are under construction of the rough part (mechanical and electrical works), reaching 30%, expected to be completed by December 10, 2021.

Although the investor of the GP Invest project has very strict requirements in terms of technique and quality in each work item, Vinadic M&E always ensures on schedule and assigned requirements. In November, the Board of Directors of GP INVEST – the investor of The Nine project gave praise and rewards to the Executive Board of VINADIC M&E for successfully completing the construction progress and quality despite many difficulties in the construction process. actual event.

In addition, The Nine was once visited by former PTT Trinh Dinh Dung and highly appreciated by the inspection department for its construction quality.

the nine
Panorama of The Nine project when viewed from above.
the nine
VINADIC M&E engineer installs light bulbs in apartments.
Pictures at the water engineering room.
the nine
Pictures at the electrical engineering room.