Recruiting project manager (PM) to work in Ha Long

Vinadic M&E needs to recruit a Project Manager (PM) to work in Ha Long.


  • Gender: Male;
  • Graduated from University with a major in electricity, electronics, water supply, and drainage, construction system – University of Construction/ Polytechnic/Transport/Industry in the right major;
  • Knowledge of engineering systems;
  • Having experience as project PM from 200 billion;
  • Good health, honesty, high responsibility, withstand work pressure;
  • Proactive, able to analyze and solve problems;
  • Good communication and negotiation skills.


  • Salary negotiable: 25-30 million;
  • Allowances away from home: From 20-30% of salary;
  • Enjoy social insurance and health insurance benefits according to the company’s regulations.

Job description

Mission 1

  • Planning, organizing, implementing, and monitoring construction progress;
  • Plan and control the project implementation during the construction phase, ensuring the project is implemented on schedule, with the required quality, and within the allowable budget;
  • Check all construction design documents of the project before submitting them to the Project Manager for approval. Ensure construction drawings meet technical, economic, and feasible requirements;
  • Prognosis and have a plan to deal with difficulties and risks that may occur during the construction process;
  • Manage, coordinate and motivate contractors and consultants to ensure work is carried out according to plan; Safety management, fire and explosion prevention during construction, environmental sanitation inside and around the construction site; Check the volume settlement payment documents made by the contractor.

Mission 2

  • Support Construction Project Manager in coordination with relevant departments;
  • Coordinating with specialized departments to participate in planning the overall project, developing construction plans in accordance with the approved overall schedule;
  • Coordinate with relevant departments to solve problems during project construction; Coordinate with specialized departments to provide construction solutions and propose to develop advanced and effective products.

Mission 3

  • Assign work and guide employees;
  • Assign work and check the effectiveness of subordinates;
  • Staff training and coaching;
  • Educate and ensure employees understand and apply the group’s quality management processes.

Mission 4

Perform other duties as assigned by superiors.

Contact Info

Interested candidates, please send your CV to email: with the subject line [Full name – Position you want to apply for – Location you want to apply for].