Visit AMACCAO’s ecosystem, reveal “special” things

Before the congress, the Executive Board of HAMI had a visit to the AMACCAO factory complex – one of the association’s members. The trip is an opportunity to exchange and view the factory chain with “special features” in the ecological system of AMACCAO Group.

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EUROPIPE factory, the journey of “confidence” up to 30 years

On November 26, the Executive Committee of the Hanoi Association of Key Industrial Products Manufacturers (HAMI) held the first congress to implement the key tasks and unify the activities of the main industrial products. the period in the near future.

Before the congress, the Executive Board of HAMI had a visit to the AMACCAO factory complex of AMACCAO Group – one of the members of HAMI.

The HAMI leadership expects that the trip will be an opportunity for members to connect, exchange, share and learn from experiences, build businesses and develop HAMI together.

The first place on the tour was the EUROPIPE plastic pipe and fittings factory in Pho Yen town, Thai Nguyen. This is the only plastic pipe factory in Vietnam that imports 100% new and modern extruders from Germany, with a total investment of up to 700 billion VND.

The entire factory campus is planned on an area of ​​10ha. When setting foot inside the factory, it’s office hours – but many people will feel surprised as it’s “lunch break”. Because there are very few workers, the entire large factory with hundreds of machines is operating very smoothly and is automatically operated. The workforce does not need much, mainly experts from Germany, and Canada – they directly manage and control the quality and a team of Vietnamese engineers.

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Looking at the entire plant operation process, Mr. Luu Hai Minh – Vice President of HAMI commented: “EUROPIPE has a very professional production environment. From the perspective of a mechanical engineer, Mr. Minh said EUROPIPE does very well on environmental issues, and the raw materials meet international standards, so the output products will be world-class competitive.”

100% of the factory’s raw materials are imported from the UAE, the US, Japan, and some Nordic countries. According to Mr. Minh, the UAE is the world’s No. 1 producer of plastic beads, the quality is extremely guaranteed. Besides, the person directing the production is an experienced German expert. “I believe with such a high-tech technical process, input materials, and operating system, EUROPIPE will dominate the domestic market and boost exports. Over the past 7 years, the factory’s sales have increased. 9 times. With what the factory is doing, in 5 years, I think the revenue will increase dozens of times, “Mr. Minh said.

Vice President of HAMI also said that the point that made him quite remarkable was the investment “beyond people” of EUROPIPE when building a mechanical workshop to manufacture molds for the production of plastic pipes and accessories. Accordingly, in addition to the usual products, the factory is ready to follow “non-standard” orders. This is a Vietnamese factory with the form “tailor-made”, meeting all the requirements, even very sophisticated, especially of customers. Not naturally, after 8 years of operation, EUROPIPE has become one of the 3 largest factories in terms of supplying water supply and drainage products.

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As the leader of a mechanical enterprise, Mr. Ta Cao Phong – Chairman of JSC 22 – also felt “surprised” by the scale and professionalism of EUROPIPE. “The machines are all imported from G8 countries, basically everything is automated. I think I will also have lessons on management, production processes, and technology systems after this field trip. “, Mr. Phong shared.

According to the introduction of the factory leadership, confident in product quality with the durability of hundreds of years, EUROPIPE’s products are committed to a warranty of up to 30 years. Many members during the visit joked  “with such a long warranty period, perhaps customers don’t need to think”.

Along the campus cluster, next to the EUROPIPE plastic pipe factory is a lamp post factory with the product brand VONTA light poles. With the main products being all kinds of light poles, signal poles, and stadium light poles, the factory’s average output is about 500 tons/month, equivalent to 6,000 poles/month, with diameters up to D600.

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High-quality beverage products and the “passion” of the leader

The next stop of the tour is AVIA winery – a unit of AMACCAO. With a very “quality” investment in equipment and technology, the factory has a total investment of up to 400 billion VND.

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Revealing the “secret” of making wine, the factory owner said that there are 5 differences between 1 product here.

The first difference, AVIA has an extremely special water source in the ancient capital of Co Loa, which is surveyed and evaluated by French experts as one of the three best water sources in Hanoi – this explains the factory is located in the East. Older brother.

The second difference is that a good wine must have a special source of ingredients, that is, the rice and yeast used are screened according to Japanese standards.

The third difference is about technology, the entire technology system is automatic according to Japanese standards.

The fourth difference is about the distillation process, this is a vacuum distillery that helps to filter out toxins right at the distillation stage.

Notably, the product after distillation will be put into the filtration system before incubation to filter out impurities, then put into the tank system. Depending on the type of wine, it will be stored in jars, oak barrels, or stainless steel tanks …

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AVIA factory, in addition to producing all kinds of alcohol, also has AVIA – 3A pure drinking water, and I-ON 3A alkaline ionized water.

Perhaps everyone will be curious about the “180 degrees” shift of a “big man” in the construction industry, concrete, electrical, and water equipment … to alcohol and pure water. “These products really come from my desire and concern with the desire for a high-class wine of the same quality as European and Japanese wines so that people can be proud to introduce them to friends in the future. and abroad”, the leader of the AVIA factory shared. Regarding pure drinking water, AVIA wishes to offer a product that tastes “sweet like rainwater” but is absolutely safe, and anyone who drinks it “feels enchanted”.

The project started with passion and concern, so far the factory had initial successes when AVIA has become the leading company in bottled water products in Vietnam. “In the past one month alone, we have sold about 4 million water bottles to the market in 50 provinces and cities across the country and successfully exported to Singapore and some other Asian countries,” the AVIA representative shared.

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From the perspective of a technician, Dr. Dinh Van Thanh – General Director of Bach Khoa Refrigeration Electromechanical Company – Member of the Executive Committee of HAMI – also praised the technology and safety and hygiene standards at the AVIA factory.

“My first impression when entering the factory is cleanliness. Since it’s the food industry, hygiene is the top factor that customers care about,” said Mr. Thanh. According to this position, the factory’s automation system is also very good. A high degree of automation. This is one of the rare lines in Vietnam with a production capacity of nearly 20,000 bottles/hour. With such a fully closed automatic production line, drinking water products are safe.

While all water brands in Vietnam have similar bottle designs to international brands, AVIA has a completely different and “unlike” bottle design, which is also a small but interesting detail. attention to many members of the tour group.

Mr. Ta Cao Phong – Chairman of Joint Stock Company 22 said, wine – is like a cultural feature of the Vietnamese people. AVIA factory is the “enthusiasm” of the leader.

“A factory with a revenue of hundreds of billions of dong, that’s the goal that businesses themselves in the water production field like us strive for,” said Mr. Phong.

After observing the process of producing pure wine and pure water, the delegation was introduced to the Archimedes Dong Anh Inter-Level School – the pioneer school of the Archimedes Education System that realizes high standards of facilities. as the first, strong and sustainable commitment for Students to have comfort in learning, playing and experiencing.

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The last stop of the trip is Van Noi industrial cluster. Owning a total area of ​​10 hectares, AMACCAO Group’s Van Noi cluster includes 04 leading professional factories in Vietnam such as Factory manufacturing concrete pipes and prefabricated components AMACCAO – brand of concrete culverts. No. 1 in the North, producing all kinds of round culverts from D300-D2500, single box culvert, double box culvert, manhole, trench… and non-standard sizes; VONTA LED Lamp and Electrical Equipment Factory; Factory manufacturing threaded faucet valves and copper accessories NOVO – VIET TIEP; NOVO DOOR fire door factory.

Mr. Le Vinh Son – Chairman of Son Ha Group – Chairman of HAMI said that the Hanoi Association of Key Industrial Products Manufacturers (HAMI) after its establishment held the first Executive Committee meeting.

The visit to the AMACCAO factory chain – one of the members of HAMI – according to Mr. Son – is a way for the members to bond with each other more. This is also an opportunity for members to learn and exchange practical experiences. The trip was very useful, through which the members could approach and learn more from the advanced and modern production processes of AMACCAO – a large, multi-industry corporation.

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“This is a very good, very creative way, not just sitting in a rigid meeting, the trip is also a way for us to share with each other in a really useful way,” said HAMI Chairman.

Answering the question of whether the association’s upcoming activities have plans for similar trips, the President of HAMI shared that, although it was just established, the foundation of the association was based on leading enterprises in the field. In the manufacturing sector, with a long history of operation, the qualifications and levels are similar, and the products are all very competitive. After Hanoi adopted a policy to recognize enterprises with key products, those recognized enterprises were gathered in HAMI. Each member has their own strengths, each trip will be the sharing of a typical business model.

“During the visit to AMACCAO, we had the opportunity to visit a very advanced technological process system, all imported from countries with high technology, creating products that create peace of mind for partners and consumers. . I believe with such a strong development strategy, AMACCAO will have a further progress in its journey”, commented the Chairman of HAMI.

Mr. Son also expects that, with Vietnamese wisdom, along with the strategy of importing equipment and materials from the world’s leading suppliers and a good management system, businesses like AMACCAO will create new opportunities. Good products of international level.

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