VINADIC successfully tested the concrete test of the runway upgrade project – Noi Bai International Airport

On the morning of June 17, 2020, Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company VINADIC – AMACCAO Group carried out the concrete test construction of the project to upgrade the runway, taxiway – International Airport. Noi Bai at Nguyen Khe Industrial Park – Nguyen Khe Commune – Dong Anh District, Hanoi. This is a key cooperation project of VINADIC unit in 2020, affirming the prestige of VINADIC and the trust of leading partners in Vietnam.

Preparations were completed from 5:30 a.m., the VINADIC unit has provided a full range of protective helmets for workers and guests to participate, and the machinery system is also ready for concrete testing.

The testing started officially at 6:05 am with the witness of all units: Assistant team of the Ministry of Transport, Project Management Board, Supervision Consultant, Design Consultant, Leader of VINADIC company, Construction Committee of Noi Bai Airport…in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the test construction session, draw experience, complete the technological line of cement concrete foundation construction before proceeding to mass construction of the Cement concrete layer. label 350/45 for this important project.

The test spread is a very important step to check the performance of the batching plant and determine the appropriate mixing technology, check the parameters of the batching plant suitable for the spreading technology: material loading speed, capacity. mixing, the time required to mix and distribute the concrete used for production; At the same time, check the production capacity and features of the main machinery, check the rationality of the auxiliary machinery, check the technology and quality of pavement; erection method or standard line layout method; the appropriate working parameters of the leveling machinery, check the entire construction technology line.

Before that, Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company VINADIC has made a detailed “Outline for the trial construction of Cement Concrete M350/45” from welcoming guests, preparing machinery and materials, personnel, to the inspection, acceptance… to make the most effective test session.

The test concrete strip was completed quickly by modern and automatic machinery system: Mixing station with transportation distance <1 Km; Gomaco 6300, SP 2700, HEM 12-27, SP 500; Mixer transport concrete; Concrete transport dump truck; Slot cutters; Hand sprayer; Steel formwork and many other equipment…

The field laboratory has also been built in advance, ensuring adequate testing equipment for quality control during construction and post-construction acceptance testing. After the concrete test was completed, VINADIC’s leadership held a meeting to receive comments from partners.

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Nguyen Bach Tung – Deputy Director of the Planning and Investment Department, highly appreciated the preparation work of VINADIC during the trial construction, and also contributed many valuable comments to the testing unit. the review of the criteria, the requirements of acceptance test accordingly; legal issues, strengthen the coordination of the depository committee, the Board, the Department to give appropriate instructions.

Mr. Nguyen Bach Tung – Deputy Director of the Investment Planning Department commented at the meeting

Mr. Duong Viet Roan – Director of Thang Long Project Management Board also highly appreciated the preparation of machinery, equipment, and high-quality skilled workers for official construction and commented: “After entering For official construction, the contractor needs to arrange equally skilled workers of 4-5 spreading lines. Because currently there is only 1 line of testing, but when it is official, it will have to be 4-5 lines of construction on the construction site.

Mr. Duong Viet Roan – Director of Thang Long Project Management Board also highly appreciated the preparation of the test spread

In addition, representatives of design and construction consulting units such as ADCC, TEDI, CONINCO also made a lot of contributions in terms of technical requirements, personnel, worker skills, testing criteria, etc. VINADIC completes the final stages before starting the official construction of the project in the near future.

Representative of VINADIC unit, Mr. Vu Van Ngoc received the opinions of the assisting teams of the Ministry of Transport, Management Board, Supervision Consultant, Design Consultant who were present at the test session of VINADIC contractor: “All comments of the parties, the contractor would like to accept and adjust so that when the official construction is completed, it will be more complete. Currently, the preparations from machinery, equipment, personnel, materials… are ready for official construction. Contractor Vinadic commits that when the official construction will always put safety in the construction process, quality and progress must be put first because this is a national key project that is very urgent in terms of progress and construction. in conditions of both flight operation and construction”.

Mr. Vu Van Ngoc – representative of the contractor VINADIC received comments

The concrete test program of the project to upgrade the runway and taxiway – Noi Bai International Airport took place very seriously, quickly, and successfully, once again affirming the professionalism and focus. and modern, worthy of being the leading construction company in Vietnam.