Update the progress of the project AMACCAO Quang Tri 1

As one of the top 15 energy investment projects in Quang Tri, the AMACCAO Quang Tri 1 wind power project is being built day and night to complete and soon go into energy supply for Quang Tri.

As of July 15, 2021, the project has completed the installation of the first turbine and is continuing to construct and install wind turbines. It is expected to be completed by September 31, 2021.

VONTA’s wind power poles stand tall like giant athletes reaching out their long arms to stretch out a net to pull the wind from the East Sea. The wind is carried from the eastern range of the Truong Son mountain range to the western range to dispel the harsh heat of the southern wind of Laos.

Vonta wind power pole is up to 135m high (equivalent to a 45-storey building); with a wingspan of 73 m (larger than other wind power poles of other companies in Quang Tri). From here to supply electricity for Vonta’s electrical equipment to cities, to villages, to factory sites all over Vietnam.

Vinadic ME is the M&E contractor at this Quang Tri 1 wind power project.