[News 19H] Total social investment increased sharply, AMACCAO is a typical example

Controlled inflation, stable macro-economy, and guaranteed major balances are the driving force and opportunity for economic sectors to not only recover quickly after the pandemic but also strengthen and expand their investment. invest, produce, meet domestic orders, and export to the world.

AMACCAO is a prime example. The epidemic has at times slowed down the activities of many businesses due to supply chain disruptions, but in the face of the rapid recovery of the economy, taking advantage of opportunities, the Group not only gained new customers from China but also boldly mobilized thousands of billions of dong to invest in expanding production in industrial clusters and factories in many different fields.

Listen to Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh – General Director of AMACCAO Group Joint Stock Company on this issue in the 19H Newsletter on May 31, 2022, at:https://vtvgo.vn/tin-tuc/tong-muc-dau-tu-toan-xa-hoi-tang-manh-thoi-su-19h-864315.html?