Exceeding schedule at Noi Bai airport project, VINADIC affirms quality, speed

(Dan Tri) – The project to renovate and upgrade the take-off, landing, and taxiways at Noi Bai International Airport and put them into operation on January 27, one month earlier than planned, according to VINADIC leaders. – one of the main contractor consortiums.

Arrived a month early

The project to renovate and upgrade the take-off, landing, and taxiway of Noi Bai International Airport was started in mid-2020 with a total investment of 2,031 billion VND.

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Groundbreaking ceremony of the project on June 29, 2020.

The items of the project include: renovating and upgrading runway 11L/29R (runway 1A) and runway 11R/29L (1st runway); new construction of 3 quick exit taxiways; renovating and upgrading 9 existing taxiways; construction of works in service of flight management, signal lights, signal markings, drainage system, and synchronous auxiliary works.

After more than 6 months of construction, in January 2021, the Ministry of Transport inaugurated and put into operation phase 1 of the project. Phase 2 of the project started in October 2021 and was completed and put into operation on January 27, 2022.

Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company (VINADIC) of the  AMACCAO Group is one of the three main construction contractors at the project (in both phases) with a value of nearly 600 billion VND. Mr. Nguyen Hoai Giang – Deputy General Director in charge of the project of contractor VINADIC said that the project has been put into operation, ensuring quality, safety, and more than 1 month ahead of schedule.

“This is a key project of the transportation industry, the order, procedures, and project management are focused on quality, progress, and efficiency, especially in the condition of both construction and assurance. absolutely safe for airport operation”, Mr. Giang shared about the project implementation process.

Understanding the urgency of the project, the contractor mobilized a series of machines, equipment, human resources, and materials… Construction took place continuously day and night to accelerate the project’s progress. As for the material work, the company checks and re-evaluates the reserves and supply capacity of the sources of materials used for the construction of phase 1 so that there are specific and detailed plans for the first phase. paragraph 2. At the same time, looking for new sources of materials to add more capacity to the project.

The careful preparation and close coordination with Thang Long Project Management Board, Supervision Consultant, ACV Noi Bai, and local agencies and departments have helped VINADIC ensure continuous construction in the current situation the disease is complicated.

Mr. Dang Hung Thai – Construction Director of the project to renovate and upgrade the runway and taxiway at Noi Bai International Airport (under the Thang Long Project Management Board – the agency representing the Ministry of Transport). as an investor in a project management organization) emphasized: “This is a key project and is carried out under urgent orders, so all orders and procedures are strictly managed to ensure quality, and progress, Because the contractor VINADIC has had construction experience in a number of previous airport projects with full technical capacity in terms of people, machines as well as finance, so far the project has ensured safety and efficiency. guarantee to exceed the contract schedule”.

Mr. Thai said, after a period of operation, through the pilot’s assessment, the airline said that the quality of operation was stable and safe, and the crew reflected a smooth operating runway, painted lines, and signal lights. clear signal.

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The project to renovate and upgrade the take-off, landing, and taxiways at Noi Bai International Airport was put into operation on January 27, one month earlier than planned (Photo: Dantri).

In modern technology, quality comes first

The construction of runways requires special standards, much higher than that of roads. Therefore, the standards of people and technology when implementing the project are paid special attention to by the contractor.

Mr. Nguyen Hoai Giang – Deputy General Director in charge of the project of the contractor VINADIC said that the average thickness of reinforced concrete is 38cm, the concrete slump is zero and must be absolutely flat, and the concrete must withstand the pressure strength. large wheel force on the platform. Therefore, during the construction process, the contractor is not allowed to pour concrete at the time of high temperatures.

According to this share, the airport concrete technology has differences and VINADIC is “confident” in ensuring the technological factors. The machinery put into the project, especially the cement concrete spreader, and sanding machine… are all modern machines, ensuring aviation technical standards, ensuring no dust on the runway. Specifically, VINADIC uses modern machinery and equipment such as concrete pavers SP-500, GOMACO, SF-2700, HEM…

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“The CG3R sanding machine with the most modern sanding technology in the world today and for the first time in Vietnam used this cutting technology to create dry roughness … for construction at the project”, Mr. Giang revealed.

To ensure progress as well as quality, in addition to technology, people are a very important factor. Mr. Le Van Quy – Deputy Commander of the project to renovate and upgrade the runways and taxiways at Noi Bai airport of VINADIC said: “The brothers divided into continuous shifts, followed the construction site 24/24h to ensure safety. On the construction site, due to the specific nature of ensuring flight safety, it is not allowed to set up a camp, but 100% outdoors.

“There are months when we have to work outdoors on hot summer days, and the temperature from concrete sometimes rises to more than 45-50 degrees Celsius, it is very hard, but we are all very determined to bring the project to life. reaching the finish line ahead of schedule,” Quy confided.

Because the project is implemented in both construction and flight safety conditions, the regulations on labor safety are always highly appreciated by the contractor. Accordingly, workers are equipped with full protection. The access card to the construction site is strictly controlled by the airport security force.

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The environmental sanitation of the construction area is always maintained by the contractor VINADIC (Photo: Dantri).

Constantly reminding the brothers that the project progress was “very urgent”, especially in phase 2, Mr. Giang was present at the project almost the entire time. The average volume of cement concrete construction phase 2 is more than 800-1,000m3/day. To achieve this volume, the preparation of supplies, materials, human resources, and equipment is important.

Accordingly, Mr. Giang directed the concentration of human resources including 50 officials, engineers, and more than 600 workers along with the maximum mobilization of a system of modern vehicles and machines with nearly 200 locomotives of all kinds. “You guys did your best, hoping that the project could be on schedule. At that time, I didn’t think about being able to exceed the schedule because the volume was too much and the requirements were very high,” said Mr. Giang.

Not to mention, the project was built in the context of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic. In order to adapt to the new conditions in the spirit of the Government’s Resolution No. 28, during the construction process, VINADIC promptly coordinated with local health authorities and licensed establishments to vaccinate against the Covid-19 epidemic. 19 for employees.

In addition, during the implementation of the project, the contractor strictly adheres to the quality management process, strictly controls the raw materials and input materials, has a department in charge of this work, and closely coordinates with the contractor. supervision consultant, project management board.

Meeting strict quality requirements and exceeding the project schedule continues to contribute to affirming the capacity and brand of VINADIC contractors in the field of aviation work. Once completed, the project has made an important contribution to economic development, meeting travel needs, promoting domestic and international trade, especially in ensuring safety in flight operations. as well as ensuring national defense and security.

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Established in 2001, Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company (VINADIC) has become one of the leading enterprises in the construction industry. VINADIC is considered a pioneer enterprise in applying the latest and most advanced technology solutions, shortening the construction process, ensuring the progress and quality of the work, and satisfying all customers – partners. With a foundation of experience, quality, responsibility, and progress, VINADIC ensures the requirements set out in the project of upgrading and renovating the runway at Noi Bai international airport, and at the same time, exceeds the schedule to reach the finish line 1 month ahead of schedule.

VINADIC has experience in implementing many airport upgrading and renovation packages such as Van Don International Airport Project, and the Lai Chau Provincial Military Airport project.

Since October 2019, VINADIC has participated in the first subway construction in Vietnam in the package of Tunnels and underground stations under the Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station project by the Hyundai-Ghella Joint Venture as the general contractor. In addition, VINADIC has also constructed the largest gymnasium in Vietnam, Ha Nam Gymnasium, by assembly techniques from 100% precast concrete products…VINADIC also built golf courses for brands. Big brands such as VinGroup (Vu Yen Golf Course), and BRG (construction of drainage pipes for Legend Hill golf course) …, deploying hydroelectric projects, and constructing large tunnels in the rocky mountains in Lai Chau.

Most recently, VINADIC is the general contractor for the Seraphin waste power plant project with an investment of approximately VND 4,000 billion. VINADIC has received the general contractor to execute most construction projects combined with factory assembly, and prefabricated concrete for Samsung Group such as Samsung E&C, Samsung Engineering Vietnam, Samsung Thai Nguyen, and Samsung Bac Ninh.

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