Congratulations to Mr. Nguyen Duc Quyen on becoming the Hero of Amaccao 2021

Congratulations to Mr. Nguyen Duc Quyen – Project Manager of Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company on becoming a typical individual of AMACCAO Group.

He has worked and devoted himself to AMACCAO Group for 8 years. At the AMACCAO Quang Tri 1 wind power project, he successfully constructed the turbine concrete foundation, helping the project go ahead of schedule. Not only that, as the locomotive commander trained to install the largest turbine in Vietnam, he has excellently achieved and exceeded the schedule from 10 days/turbine, gradually reduced to 4 days/turbine.

Wishing you a lot of health, always keep your form and continue to achieve more success in the future!

hero of amaccao
Heroes of Amaccao take souvenir photos with the Board of Directors.
Hero of amaccao
Portrait of Mr. Nguyen Duc Quyen.